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Allied Agro Programme


Dharmsahay Foundation is a Non-Profitable Organisation incorporated under The Companies Act, 2013; (Section 8 Company Limited by shares) vides CIN: U85300AS2020NPLO20243 in the state of Assam. It has come up with an aim to promote the interests of all its members to attain their social and economic betterment through self-help and mutual aid in accordance with the cooperative principles.

Core Function

  • Provide credit facilities to its members for Group Loan, Personal Loan, Home Loan, Small Business Loan and other necessary purposes
  • To assist in documentation and to ensure for approval of scheme from the concerned authority.
  • Training of farmers will be organized at Regional/ District/ Block level as an whenever possible.
  • To assist in procurement of breeds and insurance of the breeds.
  • Delivery of veterinary health care services by field functionaries through ongoing health care schemes.
  • Assistance in marketing of surplus meat/fish/other productions.
  • Child & Women Welfare Programmes, Community Development Schemes, Free Health Campaign, Educational Schemes and other facilities to its members.

Animal Fodders

Animal Fodders are nothing but foodstuffs that are specially prepared for domestic livestock including horses, goats, hens, bulls, cows, pigs, etc. They are made to provide enough nutrition to the animals so that they remain healthy and efficient. There are a variety of animal fodders like bran, hay, fish feed, horse gram, seaweed, sprouted legumes, etc.


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Poultry Feed Supplements


For the health and nourishment of the poultry animals, it is of vital importance to include some required constituents in their feed. These are poultry feed supplements which are rich in significant vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats. Their preparation is done using fresh corns, fish meal, wheat, good quality grains and oilseeds etc. Providing a balanced diet to these poultry animals like chicken, hen, ducks etc. improves their immunity level, whereas, the inclusion of bacillus subtilis help in reducing the chances of various types of infection in poultry birds and also helps maintain a healthy gut. Supplements are the best way to ensure improved growth and functioning of organs in poultry birds.


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Agriculture Machines & Tools

Agriculture is undoubtedly one of the most important sectors of the Indian Economy. This sector contributes 18 % of India's GDP & offers employment to 50% of the country's workforce. With technological innovations in the current era, Agricultural Machines and Tools have become highly sophisticated, efficient and are revolutionizing Indian agriculture. Modern techniques are often being employed to increase crops productivity along with saving time and human efforts. The machines and tools are appropriate to be used for both organic and inorganic farming.


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Fertilizers play an important role in increasing the agricultural output. Strengthening of pricing control policies and introduction of new reforms by government has helped the fertilizers' market to grow manifold. The most sought after fertilizers today are water soluble fertilizers, as the name suggests, these get dissolved in water and reach the root zone of the plants, providing them with important nutrients. A specific kind of fertilizers that are increasingly becoming very sought after are bio-fertilizers. These are eco-friendly and also increase crop yields by giving them enhanced growth and protection simultaneously. Moreover, extensive research is underway the world over to develop more bio friendly and effective fertilizers for future.


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CIN: U85300AS2020NPLO20243