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Dharmsahay Foundation is a Non-Profitable Organisation incorporated under The Companies Act, 2013; (Section 8 Company Limited by shares) vides CIN: U85300AS2020NPLO20243 in the state of Assam. It has come up with an aim to promote the interests of all its members to attain their social and economic betterment through self-help and mutual aid in accordance with the cooperative principles.

Core Function

  • To ensure compliance of the cooperative principles and to undertake measures to impart knowledge of cooperative principles and practices to its members.
  • To provide specialized training, education and data-based information and promote harmonious relations amongst members;
  • To organize conferences, conventions, training programs and seminars to promote the objects and to facilitate the growth of the business of the Society.
  • To open branches / service centers of the society in the States of its operation for the purposes of providing services to the members of the Society.
  • To provide management development services on behalf of its members and assist them in organizing self-help.
  • To purchase and take on lease lands, building or any movable or immovable property necessary for the business of the society.
Facilities for its Registered Members/Beneficiary:
  • Provide offer credit facilities to its members for Group Loan, Personal Loan, Home Loan, Small Business Loan and other necessary purposes.
  • To assist in documentation and to ensure for approval of scheme from the concerned authority.
  • Training of farmers will be organized at Regional/ District/ Block level as an whenever possible.
  • To assist in procurement of breeds and insurance of the breeds.
  • Delivery of veterinary health care services by field functionaries through ongoing health care schemes.
  • Assistance in marketing of surplus meat/fish/other productions.
  • Child & Women Welfare Programmes, Community Development Schemes, Free Health Campaign, Educational Schemes and other facilities to its members.