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Women Empowerment Programme:

Dharmsahay Foundation has introduced a Scheme – “PRERNA - MOVEMENT TOWARDS SELF-RELIANT” in collaboration with Assam Socio-Economic Development Society (ASEDS) for the benefit of destitute women mainly belonging to the lower income groups. Under this scheme, free and subsidies sewing machines will be provided to the eligible women. The main aim of this scheme is to empower women, to make them self-reliant. It will provide them employment opportunities as well as they can also start their own sewing work/business.

Scheme Objectives:

  • The main objective of the scheme is to make women self-reliant and independent, thus improving their overall conditions
  • It aims to increase the employability of women belonging to rural, lower income groups
  • The provision of free and subsidies sewing machines will enable the women to start their own sewing and embroidery work
  • To make women self-reliant and motivate them for employment at home
  • Provide training to develop their skills in this field
  • Improvement in quality learning and practices
  • It aims at improving the overall socio-economic welfare conditions of women as a whole